If you are unsure and would like to test out the idea that you may be a member of the highly sensitive clan, I invite you to take the Are you Highly Sensitive? self-test devised by Dr Elaine Aron. The link takes you through to the test on her website.

Also recommended are her books – definitely recommend you read The Highly Sensitive Person as a starting point (even if it’s a the type-face is small and the pages densely packed with text – at least the edition I have). Is not ideal typography and layout for an HSP perhaps – but still worth a proper read anyway.

There are also specialist publications on the HSP in love and looking at the Highly Sensitive Child.

This article found via another HSP, Dr Ted Zeff website offers 10 Tips for Highly Sensitive People.And Tips is always goooood to have.

To find other HSPs it can be worth searching local Meetup groups or on twitter, facebook – take your pick of whatever feels good and appealing and in integrity with you. It may take a while to find the folks who seem the right fit but it’s definitely worth a bit of physical and digital legwork to find a supportive HSP community, tribe and ‘family’.

My own biggest tip is to acknowledge and celebrate our diversity, our and idiosyncratic quirks along with our commonalities and not expect a one-size-fits-all fix.

Read, watch, learn, educate yourself on the road to self-belief and self-acceptance. Be compassionate with yourself as you would with others. Love yourself even if you jump like a startled rabbit when confronted with a sudden noise or long to escape to a calm oasis after a manic day in the city. Or if you hate the city altogether. Or if you love – and need equally – time the city and time in the country. Time with people and time alone. It is all OK – YOU are OK. Totally normal. Simply sensitive.