Staying Alive and beating exhortations to self-improve

A timely read on “Improving Ourselves to Death”

I was talking with some HSPs at a social meetup yesterday and we bonded over a shared sense of  society’s ridiculous obsession with the words “evidence-based” and all-consuming metrics. These ideas, along with the other obsession with “Productivity” are so all-pervasive and also so unnatural to the human condition and so “wrong”.

It was such a relief and so heartening to be in the company of people who share this perspective – who can both do what they need to help themselves and feel at ease – and hold up a healthy sceptic light to some of the cultural self-help norms of the day.

And then today this article Improving Ourselves to Death by  in the New Yorker appeared on my facebook feed and I just had to share it with you.  In it, Alexandra Schwartz reviews and critiques a range of self-help books and perspectives. I found her piece insightful and refreshing.

You don’t have to agree with every word – I don’t – but I do resonate with a lot of what she writes and I am glad to have come across and read it. May I recommend you read it too.

With love,
© Annie Wigman

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